City School of Architecture

President of The Royal Institute of British Architects (UK), Visits City School of Architecture

Jane Duncan, the President of The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) visited the City School of Architecture (CSA) on 16th February 2017. She toured the design studios and spoke with the students about their work, their education, current works in progress and their future as professionals. She addressed the lecturers and students at the conference room, where she exchanged ideas about architecture, the industry and the future of the profession, while sharing her own thoughts and experiences. She also met the CSA(CL) Board of Directors, and had strategic discussions regarding the school, future developments and objectives and commended the school on the educational standard achieved with RIBA accreditation. Following this meeting, the President and the entire school participated in tea and fellowship where she had casual conversations with all present. The visit concluded with a presentation of memorabilia in commemoration of her visit.