City School of Architecture

Hello Singapore!


"Phone rings: "Hey dude! How many suitcases are you bringing for the flight tonight?" "I don't know men, I'm just stuffing a suitcase into another suitcase!""

And that's how the 5 top ranking students of the Dulux Colour competition: Lasni, Duvithri, Ayesha, Christopher and Nawanjana hurried to CSA at 9 pm for our 1 am flight to Singapore. The moment we arrived at the Changi Airport we were greeted by the oh-so-talkative and delightful tour guide Francis who accompanied us throughout the whole trip. From the airport we were straight away taken to the hotel where unfortunately only 1 room was ready at that moment. So there we were....5 people packed into 1 room. Our hard luck doubled when the key cards to the elevator stopped working. So Ayesha, Christopher and I being the geniuses that we were, decided to take the service staircase to our floor, only to get stuck on the stairwell since the doors wouldn't open without a service keycard. Somehow we managed to get the door open and come back to our room only for Duvithri and Nawanjana to do the EXACT. SAME. THING! *sigh* It was quite a fun experience though, which later gained a lot of laughs and facepalms. Day 2 included the visit to the AkzoNobel regional head office where we were provided with a very fascinating and informative session on the use of colour and their unique applications in the field. Following that, we were taken on a tour around the city to see other attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands and the absolutely breathtaking light show at the Gardens by the bay. Next came the day that all of us were looking forward to since the moment we landed; the visit to Universal studios. We arrived at universal studios with one single mission in mind: to take the lecturer in charge (absolutely terrified) Archt Chamila on a rollercoaster ride. Our mission succeeded when we tricked him into going on the Jurassic park water ride with us which ended up being a hilarious experience. But the highlight of the day happened during breakfast when Christopher ate a pancake with "chocolate sauce." Only it wasn't "chocolate sauce” but soy sauce accidentally served by Duvithri! The whole trip was a truly wonderful experience. Our heartfelt gratitude is given to Akzo Nobel for providing us with this amazing opportunity.