City School of Architecture

CSA Research Colloquium 2023

Research Colloquium is a brand new event in the CSA calendar for 2023, which provided a forum for a selected group of students of CSA Part I and Part II graduating classes to present the findings of their research studies. Some senior academics from our sister schools of architecture attended the colloquium as discussants, and the rest of the audience was largely comprised of a peer group. The event was held on December 16, 2023, at the auditorium of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. It was an important event to improve the research culture at the City School of Architecture.

The research topics of the presenters are as follows:

  • Seshani Cooray:  Analytical Study of Community Social Interaction: With reference to relocating low- income communities from horizontal living to vertical living structures in an urban context.
  • Nimasha De Silva:  Biophilic Architecture as a contributor for the cognitive development of children with learning disabilities.
  • Ruwin De Silva: Application of Bamboo as a Sustainable and Alternative Building Material in Architectural and Construction works in Sri Lanka.
  • Pulasthi Handunge: Critical measures to protect the saliency of landmarks when preparing urban development plans.
  • Chryshal Fonseka:  Building Safer Communities: A Study of Muthurajawela’s Communal and Residential Spaces through the Defensible Space Theory.
  • Shiranga Wijetunga:  Unraveling the Relationship on How a Building's Lifespan Shapes Architectural Form and Design.
  • Menusha Ariyaratne: Designing Hope: Architectural Insights for Post-Disaster Shelters.
  • Kavindhu Perera:  Utilizing the principles of Scenography in advancing architectural designs.
  • Ashvini Jayathilake: Pediatric Hospital Design: A study on healing characteristics of healthcare facilities, and its role in pediatric patient recovery.
  • Aakaash Senanayake: Architecture of the Uncanny: A study of the subliminal stimuli that invoke sensations of fear, within an internal architectural environment.
  • Dinu Wanigasuriya: The Architecture of Student Housing for Tertiary Education: A Study of the Qualitative & Quantitative Attributes to Enhance the Physical Conditions of Students’ Accommodation Facilities.