Details of available courses and facilities - Stepping stones to help achieve your goals in the study of architecture



Reading Room

A CSA Reading Room is a growing facility and would be developed to a fully fledged resource centre with on-line resources. Books, journals, magazines and DVDs are available to students for reference and lending. Students will be allowed to borrow 1 book and DVD at a time for a period of 2 weeks. Copies of Examination Papers, Dissertations, Case Studies, Student Course Work, and Slides, Power-Point Presentations etc. will be added to the collection. Students can borrow books from Library Attendant during school hours.

Students could also use CSA Institutional memberships available at the British Council, Goethe Institute, American Centre, Indian Cultural Centre and the Alliance Francaise. Reference facilities can also be obtained from the Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology library, National Library, National Museum Library, and the National Archives located in the vicinity of the school.

Computer Lab

The computer lab equipped with branded computers, plug in facilities for lap top computers, printing, scanning and internet facilities are available for student use. The management hopes to improve this facility with the commencement of computer courses during the vacation.

The lab is open Tuesday-Saturday from 8.30am-7.30pm. Students who require the computer lab to be open after school hours in order to attend to their course work, should make a request through their Year Person to the Deputy Head of School/Head of School.

Students are advised to use the computer lab in an orderly manner and refrain from taking food or soft drinks into the lab.

Wi-fi facilities are available to the studios and students could make use of this facility.

Electrical/Electronic Equipment

A television, video cassette recorder, DVD player, slide projector, an over head projector are available to students as a pooled facility for their course work presentations. Requests should be made to the CSA Secretariat.

Each studio is now equipped with a dedicated computer kiosk and multi media projectors.

Hand Tools

A set of hand tools for model making, experiments and tests are available for student use. Requests should be made to the CSA Secretariat


Transport for site visits and educational trips undertaken as part of the academic curriculum, is arranged by CSA through Outsourced travel companies. CSA bears the travel cost of such local study tours. Students are expected to bear the cost of food and lodging. In addition CSA contributes towards the Year 5 student exchange programme / foreign travel.


All CSA students with valid student record books are insured for accident cover.

Student Card

CSA Students with valid student record books can avail themselves of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC Card) by completing application forms available at the CSA Secretariat. These identity cards make available numerous discounts, access to historic places and information to the students.

Participation in Student Conventions, Jamborees and Design Competitions

CSA students are encouraged to participate in ARCASIA and UIA Student Jamborees and SAARCH,NASA Student Workshops & Conventions.

ARCASIA is a forum of architectural institutions in the Asian region. The SLIA and CSA facilitate one CSA student from each batch to attend the ARCASIA Conference and the student Jamboree held in an Asian host country. In addition a further group of students are facilitated to part take in SAARCH (South Asian Association of Architects) and NASA (National Association for Students of Architecture in India) student conventions and educational workshops.

Students are encouraged to also participate in RIBA and ARCASIA student design competitions.

Other Facilities

  • Library
  • Model Making Studio
  • Student Common Room
  • Canteen
  • Indoor Games
  • Multi-use Courtyard
  • Outdoor ‘Veranda’ for informal/formal gatherings
  • Staff Common Room