Pursue an academic career in architecture, whilst apprenticing under a Chartered Architect

About us

Our Validation

  • CSA was a "Listed School" of the Board of Architectural Education, SLIA from 2009-2012
  • CSA has been accredited by Board of Architectural Education, SLIA in September 2012
  • CSA has been validated by the RIBA with “Candidate Course” Status for its Parts I & II Courses in July 2009 and full accreditation was awarded in Jan 2011
  • CSA is in partnership with University of the West of England, Bristol UK for awarding of following degrees from 2012 for Part I & II:
    1. Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) (UWE)
    2. Master of Architecture and Environmental Design (UWE)
  • Students have the option of attending Graduation Ceremony at UWE Bristol, UK.
  • TVEC (Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission) Registered Training Institution - P01/0761